“Don’t ask us what we have, tell us what you need”


The Farm

 Goodness Grows Farms was established in December 2001, when we purchased 40 acres in nestled into some of the most beautiful farm land in Jefferson Township, Butler, Pennsylvania.  The original plan for our farm was to raise meat for our family consumption.  As our family grew, our farming ambitions grew and in October of 2006 we established our first herd of Boer goats.  Today we operate a sustainable farm with a herd of 50 Boer goats and have expanded our meat production to beef, pork, poultry, and lamb. 

We take great pride in combining innovative farming technology with good old fashioned "common sense." These techniques have helped us to maintain a natural farm atmosphere allowing our animals to graze freely on rolling Western Pennsylvania hills and lush woodlands. Our farmland provides abundant vegetation for our rotational grazing system.  We believe in being good stewards of our land and animals and use practices that support the animals natural instincts for rooting and grazing to manage pests, improve the quality of our soil, and provide a healthy atmosphere for our livestock.


Locally Sourced & Processed All Natural Meat