Amish Acres Cheese PGH

Amish acres is a cooperative of western pennsylvania amish farmers dedicated to preserving their heritage through all natural farming and raising 100% grass fed dairy cows. our amish farmers milk their cows by hand twice daily and collect the milk in traditional milk buckets. Amish Acres dairy herds live just as nature intended, on lush green Western Pennsylvania pastures with room to roam and access to natural vitamins and minerals. amish acres farms are never sprayed with harmful chemicals or artificial fertilizers. amish acres cheese is made from 100% grass fed milk and is made by amish artisans. our goal at Amish Acres is to provide a superior cheese by paying our amish dairy farmers and Amish cheese makers a livable wage that allows them to support their families and sustain their traditional heritage.

amish acres cheese is made in small batches during the grass growing season of April through October. This allows our cows to pasture freely, supports rotational grazing and farm sustainability, and provides our cows and our pastures time to rest and restore essential vitamins and minerals vital to supporting good health and our grass fed philosophy.


Amish Grass Fed Cheese


Amish Made Cheese

Artisan Goat Cheese