The Farmers

Farmer Erik:  Erik is the brains, brawn, and main salesman at Goodness Grows Farm. Born and raised just two miles from the Goodness Grows Farm property, he never dreamed farming was his future.  He started his career as a landscaper, but after marrying and starting a family, he developed a passion for hobby farming.  He used his landscaping knowledge and equipment to expand The hobby farm into a thriving family farm and in 2014 began marketing the farm products to Pittsburgh area restaurants.  Erik’s favorite part of farming is breeding goats and watching young 4H kids take those goats and find success in the show ring.  

The Farmers Wife:   Jennie grew up on a hobby farm in Clearfield County helping her dad with his Hereford cattle and playing “Little House On The Prairie” with her three younger sisters.   She retired from the social services field in 2004 and is now a butcher, baker and modern homemaker.   Jennie is the behind the scenes gal at Goodness Grows Farm. She is the keeper of the schedules, chef, chauffeur and occasional farmhand.  She spends most of her day doing laundry and minimizing the destruction of “Hurricane Hattie”.  

Walker:  Walker is the oldest and at 15  years old is the Angus cattle herdsman.  He is a member of two 4H clubs and serves on the youth council for Butler County 4H. Walker has already used artificial insemination technology to improve the genetics of his Angus herd.  He is making big plans to expand his cattle operation by using the proceeds from the sale of his steer at the 4H auction to purchase a new heifer for his breeding program.  While cattle are his passion, Walker also enjoys raising and showing Boer goats.  In his spare time, Walker plays soccer and is an avid outdoorsman, spending much of his time in the woods hunting white tail and turkey or fishing with his granddad.  

Maggie:  Maggie is 13 years old and her passion on the farm is horses.  Four years ago, she traded a herd of dairy goats for a registered Palomino Quarter Horse named Fortune. Maggie has spent the last five years training her horse to compete in Western Pleasure and Reigning divisions at our local horse shows.  Maggie is a member of Butler county 4H and rides in the Butler County 4h mounted Drill Team. Maggie is also in charge of the sheep breeding program and participates in the sheep to shawl competitions at the 4H competitions.  

Will:  Will is the eleven year old Master showman at Goodness Grows Farm.  Will’s primary passion is soccer and can usually be found trying to escape chores by practicing his foot skills.  While Will doesn’t always put in as much hard work as his older siblings, he ALWAYS brings it to the show ring and has won several blue ribbons for his showmanship skills.  Will LOVES to attend the 4H dances and show off his line dancing skills.

Whitaker:  Whitaker is the eight year old mechanical mind of the family.  He is frequently found helping his dad and Grandpa maintaining and repairing the farm equipment.  whitaker loves to use the riding mower to tend the property. Around the barnyard, Whitaker’s main job is to tend the flock of Laying Hens.  He also plays soccer and has been showing in the PeeWee Showmanship class at local 4h shows since he was three!  His favorite hobby is watching truck and tractor pulls. 

Hattie:  #HurricaneHattie is four years old and is the official cheese tester at the farm. Hattie loves to ride Maurice, a livestock guard donkey.  There’s no job too big for Hattie and she loves doing everything her older siblings do. Hattie also shows goats and has won trophies for her horsemanship skills in the Pee Wee divisions at our local county fair.